Apr 16 - Big Sur, CA

Apr 16 – Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, CA

Bliss and Mila were the daughters of Tesa, at Esalen to conduct a course in Writing with Children along with her husband Dominique.  Bliss was originally from Colombia, Mila from Mexico.  When I asked how their family got together, Tesa told me that they had all ”adopted each other”.  It reminded me of the creativity theorist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who writes about the capacity for amor fati, or love of fate, that is common among particularly happy and creative people; being happy and creative is all about – pardon the trite expression – making the best of every situation.  I’ve always been intimidated by those pejorative adjectives happy and creative, yet I feel that the amor fati description offers me a kind of clarification.  Going from woes to whys to why nots describes the creative process in its totality.  And realizing that we’ve all adopted each other in a way – not just as family, but as co-workers, strangers, fellow pedestrians, road sharers, blog readers, friends, lovers, enemies, whatever, you and me, we’ve found each other, chosen one another from the 7 billion other options, we have a relationship, we have impact on one another, and so let’s take that relationship seriously, let’s be aware of each other’s intrinsic humanity, and let’s offer ourselves, when necessary, when available, to meeting each other’s needs.  Why not?  What else am I going to do with my finite time on this planet?  Watch TV?