Mar 9 - Pigeon Point, CA

Mar 9 – Pigeon Point, CA

Pigeon Point, CA

Private land pushed me to a wearying walk along the highway south through San Gregorio, over low rolling hills, and along the low bluffs of the state beaches near Pescadero.  Near Pomponio Beach, a gaggle of Ferraris roared by, apparently day trippers over the hill from Silicon Valley.  Again, I tried to make the 20 mile distance to the hostel at Pigeon Point but was stopped by dusk and forced to hitch the final few miles to avoid a dangerous narrow highway walk.

A hostel sits at the base of the Pigeon Point lighthouse, notable on this stretch of the coast for a unique hot tub that faced west to overlook the sea.  When I arrived wearily, one of the staff generously offered to show me in there for a complimentary half hour.  I gleefully accepted, and later that evening I sat silently under a starry sky, watching the waves crash 50 feet beneath me, ensconced by hot water and happy thoughts.