Mar 8 - Half Moon Bay, CA

Mar 8 – Half Moon Bay, CA

Moss Beach, CA

I hitched a ride back north to where Nancy had picked me up the night before, by the Safeway in Pacifica, from a German couple travelling the coast in a brown VW Westphalia, under the cloud of an uprising migraine.  I spent an hour wandering around Safeway and Rite Aid, picking up supplies for the road and waiting for it to pass.  When it did, I wandered through residential streets to approach a path that led over the ridge of the coastal hill, avoiding the need to walk the busy, narrow highway through Devil’s Slide.

At the trailhead, I ran into Margo walking her dog.  She and her partner were working on a start-up project using chakra crystal essences as a form of biohealing.  It was very Northern California, and I was happy to be meeting not-city people again.  We had a wonderful talk about presence and flow as we climbed the hill through the coastal fog.  By the time we reached the summit, the clouds had burned away, exposing sensational views south down the coast.  We said our goodbyes and I continued towards the hostel where I had stayed the night.

Along the road through Moss Beach, I stopped and spent some time chatting with Sarah and her  family.  They loaded me down with gifts – bananas and other goodies – and directed me out towards the bluff.  I followed the path along through the eucalyptus grove and out past the radar station, rounding the point and walking the broad sandy beach to camp at the hiker sites in the state park in Half Moon Bay.