Mar 7 - Montara, CA

Mar 7 – Montara, CA

Fort Funston, CA

In the morning, Ronen met me at Sutro Heights and we began walking together south along the coast.  We traced the edge of the Great Highway and then walked slightly inland along the residential streets of the Outer Sunset neighbourhood of San Francisco.  Strong winds blew in off the Pacific, toppling garbage bins and spreading their contents on the street.

We followed Skyline Boulevard past Lake Merced and rejoined the coast at Fort Funsten.  Several dogwalkers were leading packs of a dozen or more dogs each.  One dog ran away from its guide and the dogwalkers passed a rough description from one to another down the bluff.  We walked to a point overlooking the windy sea; it was one of Ronen’s favourite places in the city.

The steep cliffs eventually forced up back to the residential streets up the hill through Daly City and eventually back onto the busy highway.  We descended a winding road into Pacifica where he treated me to a bagel and then picked up a ride back to the city.  I continued on through Pacifica, excited by the renewed prospect of my solo exploration of the open road.

My goal was to get to the hostel in Montara that night, but I lost light several miles from my destination.  Luckily, I had met Nancy, an employee at the hostel, at Lin’s house a few days before, and when I called her, she offered me a ride over the hill to stay the night in the hostel.  I arrived at the lighthouse at night under the cover of a thick fog.