Mar 17 - Santa Cruz, CA

Mar 17 – Santa Cruz, CA

Felton, CA

Two wandering wise men stumbled on the stoop of John and Ariel and, a day later, a new baby was born.  On this day, however, John walked us over the train tracks and through the Redwoods into Santa Cruz (making sure not to miss the wild animals, of course).  On the way, we talked about walking: John, a physics grad from nearby UC Santa Cruz, hadn’t taken a ride in a motorized vehicle in more than 4 years.  He led us through an interesting conversation on education and social activism while walking barefoot several miles into town.

We all split to head our separate directions: Steve was off to an intentional community on Mount Madonna, John was off to work on campus, and I wandered beneath the blossoms to the first Indian restaurant I could find.  At the next table, I met Casey, a host at the campus radio station, and after a brief conversation outlining my story, I booked my first ever radio gig.  We made plans to meet later that evening to conduct the interview.

I wandered the main drag of Santa Cruz and made a commitment with myself to hang around town for a while to get a sense of what was going on.  At the end of the main street, I saw a sign for an anarchist collective and wandered onto the patio with the idea of finding a venue to hold another pop-up show, like the one I had coordinated in San Francisco a few weeks earlier and in Boulder Creek the morning before.  An hour later, I had a venue: but what was it I wanted to show?  What was the point of holding these shows, if not to sell?  What other purpose did my photography have, if not as a mechanism for monetizing or as an entry into a type of intimate conversation with the people I met?  Did I need to show and tell?  I stressed out over some of these ideas as I wandered to accept the offer at a nearby home of a shower.  Casey picked me up to conduct the interview and, afterwards, dropped me off at the home of my Couchsurfing host for the evening.  It was St Patrick’s Day, and together my host Monique and I went to a local bar.  I stressed out about photography as I watched the hockey game projected on the TVs over the bar.  A Japanese singer performed jazz on the stage, but the dance floor was empty and the breakers crashed on the pier beneath the restaurant.