Mar 16 - Felton, CA

Mar 16 – Felton, CA

Boulder Creek, CA

I set up an impromptu photo exhibition at Jenna Sue’s coffee shop in Boulder Creek with some of the photos from India that I’ve been handing out.  Why not?  I spent the morning in Barry and Naomi’s shop gluing photos onto poster board, like I was making a third grade science project.  I ringed the cafe with several dozen photos, leaving my mark in this mountain town.

From Boulder Creek, Steve and I followed along the shoulder of the busy highway as it approached Felton, on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, urged forward by both James Dean and Jesus, who seemed similarly at home in the redwoods.  At the organic grocery in town, we met John and Ariel, overwhelmingly pregnant, who walked us to their place and shared a spot to sleep in their small cabin beside a babbling brook in the forest.