Mar 13 - Boulder Creek, CA

Mar 13 – Boulder Creek, CA

Boulder Creek, CA

It was a short road walk along highway 9 into Boulder Creek, a small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains and, as one man told me, ”the music epicenter of the universe.”  Steve and I took in some tunes at the Boulder Creek Brewery, where I met local music maven Barry, who invited us to crash on the couches of his music studio – formerly the local post office.  We scrambled across the street in the pouring rain and set up camp in a room decorated with photographs from the local speedway, down Monterey Bay at Laguna Seca.  On TV above the kitchen bar, we watched updates from Japan and debated fearfully whether to be concerned with the threat of an approaching radiation cloud.  Hopefully, we mused, here in the redwoods, the trees would serve an oxygen renewing service that’d prove their worth as something a little more valuable than, you know, firewood.