Jan 7 - Albion, CA

Jan 7 – Albion, CA

Mendocino, CA

SA and Ruth run Frankie’s, the best pizza and falafel joint in Mendocino.  I stopped in for lunch and then walked down the street to the spa, where I soaked naked in a barely pizza-sized hot tub with a 70 year old couple from Arcata (also naked).  Later that afternoon, I bounced between the Natural Food Store and Thanksgiving Coffee trying to find a place to stay. When I went back to Frankie’s at dusk, I started chatting with Margaret, who turned out to be the town rabbi.  She invited me to stay in her guest room and whisked me off to be a guest at the community Shabbat dinner.  I said the blessing over the bread like it was my bar mitzvah again; my grandfather would have been proud.