Jan 2 - Leggett, CA

Jan 2 – Leggett, CA

Shelter Cove, CA

Like magic, the weather changed with the shifting decade.  Days of rain were a far-off memory as I cheated for the day, hitching a ride with Dad out to Shelter Cove, where we successfully evaded the beachside sentriesThis guy wasn’t so lucky.

It was nice to have some company from a real person who loved me, not just another of my roadside fantasies.  And it was fun to talk about some of the things I’ve learned about California – some confusing, some hopeless, and others just plain cold.  Mostly, though, a trip like this is all about serendipity, and about the universe delivering exactly what was needed.

After weeks of rain in the hills, what I needed was some sunshine, a beach, some love, and a beautiful coastal sunset.  I got what I needed.  Dad dropped me back in Leggett and I spent the night with a new friend I had met up in Redway.  If it seemed I once was lost, it was in the coastal sunshine that I surely was found.