Jan 14 - Point Arena, CA

Jan 14 – Point Arena, CA

Point Arena, CA

It was a beautiful day in Point Arena, and after checking out of another half priced motel, I took advantage of the opportunity to sit in the sunshine and chat up a beautiful Brazilian yoga instructor at the food co-op.  She had once cycled from Panama to Point Arena, and we kibbitzed like kindred spirits, embracing tightly as I turned to go.  I walked briefly south on the highway before siding off on a trail tracing the edge of the high bluff.  It descended to the beach and then ascended up a set of ladder stairs, past the whale skeleton.  I decided to spend the night on top of the next cliff even though I had barely walked 3 miles that day: it seemed like the right thing to do.  I dropped my bag and followed Jodee and Lance, siblings from Pittsburgh, to stalk the sunset back at picturesque Bowling Ball beach.  Along the way, we tried to name our favourite state slogans. Virginia may be for lovers, they reminded me, but you’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.