Dec 16 - Rio Dell, CA

Dec 16 – Rio Dell, CA

Fortuna, CA

Here is a list of places I tend to visit when looking for a host at night:

natural food stores

used book stores

record stores

head shops

coffee shops

general stores

I met Ryland’s mom and stepdad in the Green Living Store in Fortuna.  The second time I stopped in the store – after dusk on a night projected in the low 30s – they offered to take me in.  Bill made salad while I flipped lazily through a copy of National Geographic; on the cover: ”The World’s Population at 7 Billion”.  We all ate dinner together facing the TV.  Ryland had a special sized tray to balance his meal on.  Bill and I talked late in the night about marijuana legalization, and then I went to sleep in the RV parked in the front yard.  I took this portrait of Ryland the next morning.