Nov 8 - Pistol River, OR

Nov 8 – Pistol River, OR

Cape Sebastian, OR

The Oregon coast is wild as you approach the California border, isolated stretches of state park and forest backed by the start of a low mountain range.  The fall time change had shortened my day, but after a few days of insistent coastal rain, I was happy to sit and lunch in the sunshine.  Trouble was, a couple hours later, the sun threatened to set without leaving me a good place to stay.

I climbed up and over Cape Sebastian, following the coastal path along the headland to a small cove where two or three surfers played in the big waves.  I intended to camp beside the Pistol River and walked quickly along the beach in the fading light.  I walked the final mile in pitch dark, forced to run across the narrow highway bridge to avoid being blindsided by early evening high speed traffic.  I considered camping under the bridge, but instead found a secluded place in the dunes away from the highway noise.  It was quiet darkness from 5:30: I cooked dinner under a clear sky and left my tentfly open to stargaze from my sleeping bag.