Nov 6 - Gold Beach, OR

Nov 6 – Gold Beach, OR

Ophir, OR

I met Ellie in Langlois; she emailed to introduce me to Kathy, who lived on the long, lonely stretch between Port Orford and Gold Beach.  Ellie passed me at the dinosaurs, picking up my bag so I could go light for the last 3 or 4 miles and try and beat the sunset.

We had great conversation over delicious dinner and a breakfast fit for a king, let alone a pilgrim.  Ellie had been to India, too, and shared her photos.  She liked taking photos of women, and we conversed good naturely about the plight of women in the East.  Kathy shared her birthday and politics with Lincoln – when she was younger, she was convinced that school was cancelled in her honour.   Statesmen and women were in high supply: before I left, I took quick communion with Dolly (llama) and headed off to Gold Beach, thankful to have found such good people and good advice on the road.