Nov 25 - Arcata, CA

Nov 25 – Arcata, CA

Arcata, CA

It was Thanksgiving at Sarah’s house.  I had met her the day before at the Finnish sauna – she was studying food security at Humboldt State University.  She was considering a transfer to McGill, and we talked for some time about food and walking and Canada.  The next day, she called to invite me to dinner with her family.

Her family was from Oregon; her roommate’s family was from San Diego.  We all sat on the rooftop watching the sun set beneath  enormous redwoods, then ate a Northern California meal (i.e. vegetarian friendly).  Assuming they were into local and organic food, the pilgrims would have been proud.  After dinner, we played acting games and then went outside and threw the frisbee for an hour.  I was in heaven.

This year, I’m thankful for clean air, the colour green, the pleasures of being found, and the unparalleled joys of giving and receiving.  And dinosaurs, obviously.