Oct 6 - Pacific City, OR

Oct 6 – Pacific City, OR

Sand Lake, OR

”Now you can say you have a photo of a hillbilly from Michigan.”

He was the camp host at the State Park.  I asked him to tell me a love story.

”I’ve got a boring love story.  I’ve had two wives, and I met both of them at the same place: my mom’s house.”

This didn’t sound boring to me.  We walked from Sand Lake back past his RV.  He pushed a bicycle the same colour as his shirt.

”My mom ran a halfway house for women.  Abused, runaways.  The local police called it ’Shady Lane’.  That’s where I met my first wife.  She was 16.  We were married for 38 years.  While I was married to my first wife, I met my future second wife at a dinner party.  After my first wife passed, I called up the other one.  She was living in Oregon at the time.  I asked, ’do you have a boyfriend?’.  She said she was seeing someone.  I said ”well, get rid of him, because I’m a’comin’.  She did and we’ve been together ever since.”

I asked about kids.  He said ”I’ve got 8 kids, 36 grandkids, and 27 great-grandchildren.”

”Wow, that’s a football team!”, I exclaimed.

”Well, where I come from, we play baseball…”

He walked me to the road and waved goodbye.  It was a long walk under hot sun to climb the big sand dune over Cape Kiwanda, but the view of Pacific City at sunset was a wonderful reward.