Oct 18 - Washburne State Park, OR

Oct 18 – Washburne State Park, OR

Stonefield Beach, OR

The house seemed out of place: it was constructed of offset earthen brick and had a terracotta roof.  No front door, either: the face of the house was decorated in enormous windows that faced the sea.

Judy had never been to Tuscany, but had fallen in love with the book Under the Tuscan Sun and decided to construct the house of her dreams.  We chatted for a few moments as she did her last spate of gardening before the winter storms arrived.  The front door, by the way, was around back with the garage.

I walked on in the brilliant late afternoon sunshine and descended from the road to an empty beach at a state picnic area. Skirting  the headland, I climbed up and over clams, starfish and anenomes.  When I arrived at the state park, I skirted past the bighorn, eschewing comfort and the encouragement to seize the day to hang out with biker Dan, who liked riding at nights best.