Oct 15 - Seal Rock, OR

Oct 15 – Seal Rock, OR

Seal Rock, OR

Patrick Fitzpatrick loves agates.  He’s a lifelong beach and ski bum, who was stricken by Parkinson’s in his mid-50s.  At low tides, his wife drives him upwind several miles from his home, and he rides his bike downwind, scouring the beach for the glowing rocks.  Off the bike, he shuffles quickly along the sand in search of treasure.

”I’d never been one for prescriptions, I’m against the whole pharmaceutical industry and things, but I’ll tell you, the drugs have made a big difference in my life.  They keep me going.  I used to think that, when it was my time, I’d just go sit on a mountaintop and let my body freeze.”

”You could also lie in the ocean, waiting for the tide to rise.”

He thought that was a good one.  We brainstormed other creative ways to die.

He invited me over to his house, where his wife made us pizza, cookies, and ice cream.  Well, the frozen food delivery man had brought them, actually, but they were delicious all the same.