Oct 13 - Newport, OR

Oct 13 – Newport, OR

Depoe Bay, OR

Dan had left his life in Kansas City to follow a dream of being a fisherman.  His friends thought he was crazy.  Probably still do.

He lived out of an RV and found work where he can.  He was driving a tow truck when I met him.  The commissions promised some income, but you don’t make money unless you get the calls.  He was hired on the spot and learned to tow in 30 minutes.

He told me about the one that got away.

”We reconnected on Facebook; we had known each other for years.  A few days before I went out on my first job at sea, we talked on the phone and she said that she wanted to marry me.  I was so happy.  The seas were high, and before long, I was puking off the side of the boat.  But it was just me and the skipper, and I knew I had to work, and the thing that kept me going was the thought of this girl.  I was sick and working as hard as I could.  After 3 or 4 days, we turned around to come back to land.  I called her the instant that I got into cell phone range.  ’What’s up, dude?’, she said as she picked up the phone.  My heart dropped: we had been calling each other baby and honey, and as soon as I heard ’dude’, I knew that it was over.  I was right: turned out that she had met a married man and fallen in love with him while I was away.  I still think of her sometimes and wonder about what might have been.  Maybe things will change in the future…I don’t know.”

Downgraded from honey to dude in 3 or 4 days.  Whoever said names don’t break bones didn’t know shit about love.