Oct 11 - Lincoln City, OR

Oct 11 – Lincoln City, OR

Lincoln City, OR

I woke up this morning at the Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology, where I had couchsurfed with Graeme, who used solar energy to power his recording equipment.  We spent the early afternoon walking through the trees, giving thanks to the sun.

In the late afternoon, I went to run some errands and met the lesbians on their honeymoon.  Their wedding ceremony had been in the heart of downtown Indianapolis two days earlier.  A streetside tout had handed Jill a fake million dollar bill; ”honey,” she said, ”you look like a million bucks.”  Jill refused it: ”there weren’t any pockets on my dress, and I wasn’t about to stuff it down my chest.”  When they kissed, the whole square erupted in applause.

And then, importantly, there was CJ and Blackjack.  I had grudgingly arrived in Lincoln City and planned to leave as quickly as I could.  4 days later, I was still here, and the cast of characters in my journal had grown infinitely more complex.