Sept 30 - Hug Cove, OR

Sept 30 – Hug Cove, OR

Hug Cove, OR

I walked down the beach, watching the surfers play in the early morning sunshine.

I ate some ice cream in town.  An elderly engineer from Idaho asked what I was doing.  I told him.  He asked how I would pay for my future.  I shrugged and looked off into the distance and told him that I hoped I’d figure it out.

I walked back to the beach; it was wide, white, and stretched for miles.  I had a conversation with a couple from Portland.  The guy pointed towards a large rock, 200 feet high, just offshore.  ”That’s the most photographed rock in Oregon.”  I took off my shoes and followed his finger south. 

A pretty girl was by herself, playing in the sand.  I asked her what she was doing; she told me she was drawing a rose; she had a piercing just above her lip and wasn’t wearing a bra.  I told her that I thought that was cool.  When she was done, I asked to take her photo.  She knelt by the rose and made the shape of a heart with her hands.  She was 19 and told me that she dreamed of a life of travel and making people smile.  I told her that I thought that was cool too, and I gave her my card.

I pulled out my frisbee and threw it as hard as I could into the wind.  When it came back, I jumped up and tried to catch it behind my back.  I played alone for half an hour.  Elderly couples walked hand in hand down the beach. 

I packed up my stuff and walked further.  This guy cycled by.  To his left was the most photographed rock in Oregon.  He continued down the beach; he didn’t even look.