Sept 14, Kamilche, WA

Sept 14, Kamilche, WA

Kamilche, WA

Small drive-through espresso stands dot the Washington freeway system.  Usually they’re manned by young college students. I stop in every one I can afford, hungry for the opportunity to flirt; life in a one-man tent is understandably lonely.

”Woah, walking to Mexico?  That’s crazy.”

”Yeah.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”  I try to ask it fetchingly, ignoring both her wedding ring and the way I must look behind my scraggly beard.

”Promise you won’t put it on your blog?”  She batted her eyelashes as she walked over to serve a drive-up customer.

She leaned back from the window and told me with a smile.  It was all I thought about for the next 12 miles.