Sept 10 - Brinnon, WA

Sept 10 – Eldon, WA

Brinnon, WA

Out of the National Park, I started walking south along US 101 as it traced the narrow shore between the mountains and the Hood Canal. A few miles outside of Brinnon, I ran across an elaborate roadside memorial to a youth who had died a year earlier in an auto accident.  A large cross stretched several feet above a makeshift shrine; a chainsaw was embedded in the tree just below an enormous set of antlers. One of the young man’s – Andrew’s – friends had written a memorial letter that was posted just below:

In Loving Memory of Andrew Boling

Andrew Boling? Wow, what a guy! That boy had a bigger heart than so many people have ever witnessed. Andrew would give the shirt off his back to a complete stranger. I know that everyone would agree when I say that everyone he’s ever met he touched their hearts. He proved that there are still people out there who care for others more than they care for themselves.

Andrew is a very family oriented guy.  He worked with his mom all the time.  They were the best of friends, always helping each other when in a bind.  Andrew was also very close with his brothers, Adam, Jason, and Philip.    He always tried to be like his brother, or even better than them at times.  He looked up to them so much in every way.  Andrew and his sister Melissa were also very close, also like best friends, letting each other know what was up.  Andrew had many nieces and nephews that just adored him, but he adored them so much as well.  He was always offering to babysit just to spend time with them and get to know them.  He had such a love for kids.

Andrew had so many friends.  He was friends with everyone, pretty much.  He would always have your back.  Even if you wronged him, he didn’t care.

Andrew has always loved fishing and hunting — anything to do with the outdoors.  He loved logging, his profession, but then again he was a jack of all trades.  Anything he tried to do he was great at.  He was actually working on having his own logging business.  He had so many dreams and things he wanted to do. 

One of the really great qualities about Andrew is he was such a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  He even called himself that.  No matter what happened to that boy he didn’t let it phase him.  He was still as happy as before.  Nothing could get that boy down.  If only everyone could have that same mentality.